the procrastinating man

TPM bannerTo call this a current project is laughable. I am one of the grand masters of procrastination. Only to be out-staged by the guy at piranhas! If we had a dollar for all the things we could do, we want to do, we should do, or that we have ideas for… Well, we wouldn’t be rich beyond our wildest dreams, but we would have more than we currently have!

The Procrastinating Man (TPM) was born from the fact that I procrastinate, and I got the site to highlight the fact that I DO procrastinate. But I did intend to actually put something there! I really did!! The idea being that I could promote what it was I (and possibly others) were procrastinating about!

But the site itself is a self-fulfilling realisation of procrastination. It never got off the ground. Well, again, it did. But I never finished it.

But I do intend to, so it has to remain in my current list :D