translate this

  • translate this
  • community translate
  • open translate

I haven’t even got a name picked out for this yet.

The concept is designed for people putting together blogs or information websites and need sets of phrases translated.

The basic idea will be that it will be sourced, vetted and approved by the open community without fee or payment. People will contribute because they want to. Not because they’re paid to.

This will occur in several steps something along the lines of:

  1. a website author will enter in a set of phrases in the original language and nominate the desired languages (should there be a maximum?)
  2. an initial translation will be provided by google. This will be a level 1 translation (and should not be used but it gives the author a starting point)
  3. a community member fluent in the desired language will either confirm the google translation, or provide an alternative translation. This translation will remain locked until vetted by a confirmed source
  4. once at least two sources form geographically independent locations have confirmed the translations, or multiple persons/IP addresses from a single location, the translation will be promoted to level 2
  5. original requester will be notified to collect the translations and hopefully credit the site with an optional link back or referral