wordpress plugins

There are a few wordpress plugins I’d like to write. I’ve written a few already, although none of them have ever made it to the plugin directory. They’ve been used privately on my site. I always seem to be finding limitations to the wordpress system, but given it’s extensible nature, you can quickly develop your own tools to make it more to your liking.

These are just some of the plugins, extensions and/or theme add-ons I’d like to write:

  • a subpage widget
    This widget would allow you to allocate a page to it and it would list the pages that are children to the named page, either all subpages, or just the first level. Currently I have to use a custom menu widget to achieve the same thing
  • a custom column layout within a page that is mobile responsive. I’m not even going to try and explain this one, it’s in my head. I know what I want, I’ll link to it when I do it :)
  • a custom page type that doesn’t include a title to the page (in the event you’d like to include a graphic of the title, or just a featured graphic which in itself is self evident of the page title). I could achieve the same thing with a custom field and fix the code in the page itself, or create a similar page in a child theme and make modifications there (which will probably be the way I go). And now that I’ve articulated it, it sounds much simpler than I thought it would be  DONE eg: TPM
  • a custom page type that provides a short narrative about the subject matter and then presents the subpages as elements to that page. Kind of like how categories present (in some themes) and kinda like they do here: dav3.net/travel and http://ma77.com/category/projects/. But better.